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When it comes to casino games, the odds of winning vary from game to game. Blackjack, Craps, Slots, and Roulette all have different odds based on the number of decks used in each game. The amount of money that is bet in each game is also a factor in determining the odds.


With blackjack, there are two different types of bets – hit and stand, which affect the odds at a specific time. In a blackjack player’s hand hit means that they have chosen to draw cards from the deck but remain in their position until they get a suited card or an Ace. A player stands if he or she has no cards showing and wants to check for casino blackjack without drawing any cards from the deck.

An outstanding hand is one where none of the player’s cards have been drawn from the deck. If a player does not have an ace or suited card then this hand is not considered an outstanding hand for one reason or another (such as having no suits and being dealt only two cards). Hit probabilities vary depending on whether you are playing single-deck games or double-deck games; however, even with single-deck games, you will often be dealt better than expected hands because sometimes you won’t be able to see the card you need to complete your hand until after you receive your second card!

Online Slots

The odds at casino slot machines are always the same. What changes is how much you may win. Slot machines have a payback percentage that ranges from 85% to 98%. This means that for every $100 you bet, the machines give back $85 to $98. The actual number depends on how many coins you play per spin and what type of machine you’re playing.

The highest payout percentage is on nickel slots (which are usually found in smaller casinos), followed by quarter slots, 50-cent slots, dollar slots, and finally 5-dollar slots. The reason for this is that it costs more to play at higher denomination machines. For example, a nickel slot pays back over 92%, while a 5-dollar slot only pays back 88%.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t win bigger prizes on the lower denominations though because their jackpots are also larger than five-dollar machines. You have a greater chance with these jackpots as well because there are fewer winners (making them harder to hit).


The odds of winning at Craps are affected by the number and the type of dice used in the game. The most commonly played game is called Single Dice Craps, where each bettor has three chances to win. In this game, a player who rolls a single number will win half of the total pot if he or she rolls that number with any two dice. A player who rolls all four numbers will win 100 percent of the pot! If you are playing Double Dice Craps then your odds are better for higher bets as you have more chances to win. At least you’ll have a better chance than if you were betting on only one die!


When playing roulette at an online casino, you have a relatively high chance of winning money if you wager on a single number, but a small chance of winning money if you wager on multiple numbers.

At the outset, the odds against winning money on a single number are 37: You have the disadvantage and you may lose. The house advantage is 3. The best way to minimize the house edge is to bet on as many numbers as possible, and in roulette, this is easy to do!

There are 38 numbers on a roulette wheel, so if you wager on all 38 numbers, your chances of winning go from 1 chance in 38 to 37 chances in Payouts for betting on all 38 numbers are not particularly favorable — it only costs 0.

Overall, betting on all possible combinations of numbers gives you a fair chance at winning with each wager. This is known as even money or red. For you to win this payout, the ball must land completely inside one of these pockets without touching any other number. If there are 2 identical digits side-by-side like this: They will pay out double what they would normally pay out using even money bets; that means they will pay You can see why these are called “even odds” bets!

There is an additional payout offered at some online casinos that awards you with an increasing amount of money depending on exactly which pocket the ball lands in because there are multiple pockets that could be considered “inside”.

If the ball lands completely inside any one of these pockets, then it pays out times your original bet amount. If it lands partially inside two pockets, then it still pays out times your original bet amount But let’s say that instead of landing completely inside one specific pocket, it lands somewhere between two pockets, like this: An example might help illustrate how this works: This means that when wagering at casinos offering these kinds of bets if you were to place a “red/black” bet and win, but if you were to place an “even odds” bet and win, then something very important happens. When betting with even money bets like red or black or odd/even, only 6 numbers matter when determining whether or not a player wins their wager.

Digits with the highest chance of winning are 1, 4, 5, and The digit 7 has a pretty decent chance of being paired up with another 7 so is not a good bet to make.

For example, if you were to place an even-money bet that the ball would land on odd or even numbers only, then you could wager on all 6 possible digits: These are called “plain-vanilla” bets because they are the most basic bets available in casino roulette.

How can you determine the best odds?

The most important factor in determining the best odds of winning is to figure out what that probability of winning would be at a specific time! For example, if you are an online blackjack player and there are three Double Deck Blackjack tables open, then your chances of winning over 100 percent on any given hand would be 45% – this is because you will only ever have a total of 3 wins per game.

If there were only two Double Deck Blackjack tables open, then your odds would be lower as you would have a better chance of getting 2 or more wins per game. This means that an online blackjack player should pick a casino based on the number and type of decks used in each game being offered at any given time.


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